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ADVENT CALENDAR With 24 Drawers for Surprises

This advent calendar combines the joy of LEGO construction with the Christmas atmosphere.
With the LEGO advent calendar, we can look forward to a little surprise every Advent day until Christmas Eve.
The calendar will cartainly also be a nice Christmas decoration.
The main scene from the calendar shows Miss Gingerbread carrying a letter for Santa to the mailbox, 
a bear from the forest waiting for a gift and a squirrel on the roof by the chimney surprised by Santa.
On the ground floor of the house already the presents are ready, and above a candlestick burns in the window. 
But I can imagine that the calendar can be varied with other Christmas characters or animals.
We can fill the 24 drawers for example with LEGO small things, that can be added to the Christmas story. 
Whether you are a child or an older builder, the LEGO Advent Calendar, 
which is made up of approximately 1500 pieces, 
will bring a dose of the joy and anticipation that is so typical of Christmas into your home.

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