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Old Snowplough, Lithuania [LDD]

Old Snowplough, Lithuania

This old snowplough can swing out the side of the plough to extend the wide for better clearness of the track. In the cabin, there is a pot-belly stove, tools and a couple of chairs, a table and lamps.
The roof can be lifted off.

There are used 559 elements including 3 strait standard tracks.

The body of the snowplough is wooden, the drive of all organs is manual, and the snowploughs were equipped with light signalling and heating with a pot-belly stove installed.

This snowplough is found in Lithuania on a narrow gauge railway in who has the status of a cultural heritage item and gradually tourist trains. Aukštaitijos narrow gauge railway is now a 68 km long 750 mm gauge railway from Panevėžys to Rubikiai.

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