Product Idea |

AGDES: Air and Ground Defense Exo-Suit, Mk. 3

  • Movable wings
  • Flexible arms and legs
  • Movable shoulder cannons
  • Hands that can hold anything with a Lego Technic axle end (+)
  • Sword-staff that can split into two separate swords
  • Energy shield that doubles as a rapid-fire laser cannon
I have always loved mech-suits and exosuits from science fiction, and I especially love building them in Lego. This is one of my favorite builds. It can move and flex just like the human body can, and yet it still has the robot-like bulkiness and awe that most mechs or exosuits instill in science fiction. Rather than stick to any specific model or type of Lego pieces, I used whatever was needed to complete the build. That means that this model uses Lego bricks, Technic elements, and Bionicle pieces. 

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