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Metallica WorldWired Concert (Outdoor Stage)

1981 pieces* (It's true! See below for the breakdown).
For years, I’ve joked that someone should make a Metallica Concert out of LEGO. On New Year’s Day, while thinking about 2022 and the start of another long and cold winter, I decided this is the year. No more excuses, I am going to make this happen, but which stage to build?

Because I watched all 23 Metallica Mondays Concerts in 2020, I could see the various stages through the years bricked in my imagination. Considering scale, video screens, and unique stage tech, I decided to focus on the WorldWired Tour Stage. 

I spent every weekend during the months of January, February, and March constructing prototypes, and then scouring the internet for the 1,064 pieces I bought to use with 917 from our 1970 - 80s collection in our basement, most notably: the original minifigure heads. (While we have a lot of older LEGO, it turns out the collection is very heavy on red, yellow, and blue - none of which are conducive to what one sees at a Metallica Concert).
My initial desire was to build a full-blown concert with security, crew, audience and spotlight towers (which I did do, spanning over four baseplates), but I scaled this version back, so it could be submitted as a LEGO IDEAS. After reviewing the rules and adjusting my project scope, I settled on what you see in the photos: the stage, the band, and their legendary audio technician Big Mick Hughes with his sound table.
Why would this make a good set? Here are two reasons, LEGO and Lars Ulrich. Arguably Denmark's two most famous exports. The better question might be: How has this not happened yet? Both LEGO and Metallica fans are avid collectors, both fans come in all ages, and this is a set that everyone can enjoy.

Speaking of fans. Black Ticket holders from this Metallica tour can probably rattle off rather quickly the few artistic liberties I took, three readily come to mind. LEGO fans might question the use of plates on the stage floor instead of tiles. This was an intentional decision to reflect the simplicity/bareness of Metallica stages. Also, intentional was using 1 x 1 plates on the screens to mimic pixels and tile for the M & A on either side of the screen because those are permanent fixtures. 

Everything about this design and build was challenging and fantastically fun, it indeed proved to be a great way to spend winter weekends, and I am very happy with it! 

My hope is that when LEGO and Metallica fans look at it, the response is a smile and a WOW.

The minifigures are:
Lars Ulrich, drums, 1981 founding member.
James Hetfield, vocals & rhythm guitar, 1981 founding member.
Kirk Hammet, lead guitar, 1983.
Robert Trujillo, bass guitar, 2003.
Big Mick Hughes, live audio engineer, 1984.

*Designed & tracked in Google Sheets! The 1981 piece count is as follows:
Stage Base: 708**
Stage Accessories: 199
Drum kit/riser: 101
Screens & E-C: 281
M & A: 161
Frame: 121
Cranes & Speakers: 322**
Sound Table: 62
Band & Big Mick: 26.
** There is the opportunity, Sad But True, to build this with fewer pieces if different combinations and sizes are used in the stage base structure and with the cranes.

If you would like to one day build this, please take a minute (that’s all it takes!) to set up a LEGO IDEAS account and click the SUPPORT button. 10, 0000 votes are needed for it to move-on to be reviewed by LEGO for consideration as a potential buy/buildable set. 

Sharing to your favorite social media platform will help others to see and support it too.

Thank you for your support!

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