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Ice Hockey Arena


Welcome to my ice hockey arena with facilities!

As a big ice hockey fan I built the project to pay tribute to this amazing sport. I gave thought to the minifigure spectators and fans too: once passed through the turnstile (you can turn it from the top and let the spectators enter one by one), they can buy hotdogs and grilled sausages and chat over draught beer with their friends before the match starts.

You never know when you will need to use a toilet – no need to worry here! You will find fully equipped toilets under the stadium terrace, just follow the signs.

Hurry up, the match is about to start!

Special features:

- the ice hockey players enter and leave the ice rink safely through turnable door, transparent as well as the upper part of the boards: the players on the bench see and watch the game clearly

- you can change time on the clock panel by turning the circle plate fitted inside the arch bricks

- turnstile entrance at the stadium

- modular terrace with toilets underneath


Thank you for supporting my project!

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