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2007 Subaru Outback


Here I have recreated a 2007 Subaru Outback hatchback, similar to the Subaru Legacy hatchback, modeled after the very one I drive. To keep it small, I used classic Lego city wheels and wheel wells rather than Speed Champions-style wheels. However, this allows for the two rows of seats and hatchback space. The rear gate lifts open, and the top can be removed to place two minifigures inside (one per row: the car is not wide enough for two per row). For an additional feature, the back space inside the rear can lift to hide tools or other small accessories. The side doors do not open but are for detail. On top, I added a decorative carry rack for a kayak or canoe. Finally, there is a hitch on the back that could possibly fit a trailor.

I have kept the scale as accurate as possible while trying to allow for minifigure space, and as I built it I kept running to the real thing to double-check!

I believe this would make a nice addition for Subaru lovers or other car fans, and perhaps it can even be released in the Speed Champions series. If it were to become a set, I would attempt to either condense it for a more accurate scale or expand it for more minifigure space and interior details. Also, I would build it of a lighter blue color, rather than standard Lego blue.

Enjoy! Please share this build with your friends.

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