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Modular Sushi Plate

This model is based on an old MOC I made when I was just a kid to surprise my mother with a homemade dish. Of course, it wasn't really eatable, but she still appreciated the gift. Now when I'm a few years older I wanted to recreate the MOC, so I could upload it to LEGO Ideas where I always thought it belonged.

I've always believed that this model would make a great LEGO set and a great display model. I should know, since I still display the original MOC, and it always gets a lot of attention from visitors. LEGO still haven't released their first food based set, even though many great and worthy ideas have been submitted. This might just be another one, but I believe that it's time for the fans to get what they've always wanted and I this is my shot, The "Modular Sushi Plate".

This model is made up by sixteen modular components that can all be rearranged to the consumers' liking. A Makisu (sushi mat). The base of the model. A pair of Hashi's (chopsticks), a small bowl of Japanese Shoyu (soy sauce), a piece of Wasabi, four pieces of Maki sushi, three pieces of Sake (classic raw salmon), one Chu-Toro (semi-fatty bluefin tuna belly), one Sumi -Ika (fresh squid), one Ama ebi (raw sweet shrimp), one Avocado Nigiri and a hot bowl of warm Misoshiru (miso soup).

Thank you have! Have a nice day (:

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