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Moscow (Architecture Skyline)


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Moscow, capital of the Russian Federation, and the second largest city in Europe, with over 12.5 million people. For a city so famous, then why not to have a dedicated Architecture Skyline set?

It contains 694 pieces (without the brick remover and spare pieces) and one exclusive printed piece (the 1x8 name tile). Here's the list of the buidings in this set, from left to right:

  • Moscow State University: The tallest of Moscow's Seven Sisters, it's been housing the State University since 1953, being the tallest educational building in the world with its 240m of height.
  • Zuev Workers' Club: Projected by Ilya Golossov to be a recreational center for factory workers, its construction was finished in 1929 and it's still a reference in Constructivist architecture.
  • Spasskaya Tower: Overlooking the Red Square, this clock tower on the Kremlin's walls was built by Milanese architect Pietro Antonio Solari back in 1491, and once the Kremlin's main entrance.
  • State History Museum: The State History Museum complex has been open since 1872, and houses many artifacts, varying from pre-historical relics to artworks acquired by the old royalty.
  • Mercury City Tower: The 5th tallest builing in Russia and Europe overall, this 338m tall skyscaper in the International Business Center stands out for its copper glass façade and spiky shape.
  • Bolshoi Theater: First opened in 1825, it's home of the internationally renowned classical ballet company, and premiered works of composers such as Tchaikovsky and Shostakovich.

As a LEGO Architecture fan, I'd love to see more sets of this series being released (even more the Skyline subseries), and I'm certainly not the only one wanting it! If you like the Architecture series, I'd truly appreciate your support, it would be great to see this set officially relased!

(Also, wasn't the latest Skyline set of an european city released in 2019?)

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