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The Rooms of Wednesday Adams and Enid Sinclair


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Reproduce the room of Wednesday Adams and Enid Sinclair from the popular NETFLIX series WEDNESDAY.

I made it to fulfill my wish to be with WEDNESDAY all the time.
A room with a window with impressive stained glass that looks like a spider's web. Enid's colorful interior contrasts with Wednesday, with the typewriter used in the play for writing diaries placed in the interior.
WEDNESDAY playing the cello outside the room surrounded by gargoyles.
They are built minimally within his 16x16 plate.

We value minimalism.
Since the interior and exterior can be separated, it can be stored in a showcase with little depth. You can decorate the interior and exterior facing the front. You don't need a big showcase with a rear-view mirror.

In order to realize this set, I would appreciate it if you could become a supporter and support me.

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