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Renault car truck + car trailer wagon

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This model is a replica of the truck below and is fully functional.

Length: 120 cm
Scale ca. 1:18

Car decks:
The upper cardeck can move up and down. The lower deck cann slide backwards with the upper deck on top of it. Then it tips over, so the car cann be loaded. The car can be pulled on with a winch. The winch cann be moved left and right and cann be used for both decks. The truck can carry two cars on the decks.

Towing arm:
On the back is a towing arm on witch the trailer wagen can be connected. To tow a car, the towing arm can move backwards, tip over the handle, lower the arm, ride the car on it and rise the arm. The tow arm can turn horizontal, so the car wil follow the truck while riding.

The engine flap cann open, so you cann see the front of the V8 engine. The cabine cann tip over to the front, so you cann see the total engine. The enigine is powerde by the rear wheels. The doors and the roof window cann open, the seats have suspension.

Also mention the details like high-beam headlights and normal lights, windscreen wipers, air-horns, licence plates, mirrors, storage space under the deck etc.

To see bigger pictures, check out:

I hope you enjoyed it and you'll support my model. If this model has reached 10.000 supporters, it will be produced by Lego and you'll be able to buy it.

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