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My son and I came up with our lego idea which is a small Lego tortoise. We built this design by being inspired by our own Tortoise Waffles and wanted her to have a friend while she was small. We had noticed that there were no real lego sets that made tortoises and we decide to build one ourselves. We think that due to having never seen a tortoise set in stores that it would be a great idea to submit to Lego Ideas.

Our set would be a great idea due to its small and simple design, that and it would not require any new pieces to be built or designed in the manufacturing aspect. Our tortoise design is an all age-appropriate, small, inexpensive set that would fit into any lego lovers’ collection. Our set is the perfect set to give as a small gift. And it doesn't need to come with a lot of pieces, in fact only 46 pieces and easy to build. Our design allows its neck to extend and has storage for an extra set of eyes so it can even look like it is sleeping.

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