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Passenger Train Carriage


All aboard for Lego City!

This single train carriage features a toilet and three blue seats with a brown, round table. The carriage has six transparent black windows for optimal views over the forest. The four different sized trees are standing on a regular green base plate. The terrain features two straight pieces of track which are on ballast. Left and right of the tracks there are two posts carrying a high voltage wire for electric trains. A black gate prevents people from getting on to the track. The passangers are: A music-liking teenager on the toilet with extra pants, two hard-working construction workers; one holding a yellow helmet, a grizzled engineer with a tattoo on his arm, a stereotypical detective with a magnifying glass, a  happy boy with a Lego set and a plush turtle and a mum holding another Lego set and blowing her nose with a soft tissue. This fabulous set can be added to all Lego trains using standard gaged tracks.



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