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Adjustable Phone Stand

Thank you for checking out my project. I’ve listed some information about my build below including what it is, piece count, build time, functionality and my inspiration for the project.

What Is It: My build is an adjustable phone stand that supports phones in either direction. The primary orientation for the stand is vertical but it does support a horizontal position. I have designed safe guards to keep the phone secure. The bottom safeguards are to prevent the phone from sliding off the stand and top safe guards are to prevent the phone from toppling over. The top safeguards can easily be pushed in or out to fit whatever size phone you have and the top rod can easily be exchanged to support bigger phones. The phone shown in the photo is an iPhone XR. You can also customize the stand to whatever colour you want. I’ve also recently discovered it perfectly fits a Nintendo Switch horizontally.

Piece Count & Build Time: The phone stand was a challenging project for myself. I’ve always used bricks as opposed to technic pieces so this was quite the learning experience. I started out with a simple design and it looked good but as soon as I put my phone on it, it came crashing down. This happened numerous times over 2 weeks. Every time I’d have a slightly different idea about how to get it to support the phone but none were successful. I had to start over and try a completely new strategy. To my luck, it was able to support my phone and didn’t collapse this time. With a little modification I was able to make the stand more presentable with a sleek look. The phone stand has 73 pieces overall and took me 15 minutes to build once I had all the pieces laid out. It’s a relatively small build but has high functionality.

Inspiration: The main reason I decided to build an adjustable phone stand is to FaceTime with my parents. We often get talking for an hour or more and I am tired of holding my phone up. I would prop it up against a book or a jug of juice and about 5 minutes later it would fall. I couldn’t find anything that held it up or at the right angle long enough. So I turned to LEGO to solve my problem. Now every time they FaceTime, I reach for my handy adjustable phone stand. 

Functionality: It’s easy to adjust the angle to wherever I am and whatever I’m doing. The stand is good for every room in your house. In the kitchen it’s perfect for recipes while keeping your phone safe from liquids. In the office or bedroom you can quickly check notifications while watching tv or gaming. In the living room you can watch videos while still having both hands free to grab snacks. I have multiple stands around my house for whenever I need it.

Thank you for taking the time to check out my build. I look forward to any comments you may have. Happy Building!

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