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LEGO Modular Hotel

Ever since I started building LEGOs I have always loved the Modular series. I have been collecting Modulars for many years and I have used them to make a nice LEGO city. However, there has always been one building that I have wanted for my LEGO city that has never been made for the Modular series. And that is a Hotel. So that is where I got the Idea to make my very own LEGO Modular Hotel.

The beautiful, French style hotel sits on a 32 by 32 wide base plate and comes with three fully furnitured floors all connected by a working elevator. All the floors can be separated to reveal the interior and I decided to lay bricks on their side to form a cool and detailed roof for the top floor. From the front view there are 2 nicely trimmed trees, a light post, a little roof to shade the front entrance, and a red carpet to lead you into the hotel. The first floor includes a seating area, reception desk, a grand piano, and an antique grandfather clock. The second floor includes 2 medium sized rooms each with a bed, TV, balcony, and a bathroom. The hallway also includes an old bookshelf. The third floor is a grand suite that includes a big bed, couch with a TV, desk, kitchen, and a bathroom. The suite also has a large balcony with a grill and a nice seating area. Finally the elevator can be moved up and down using a gear in the back of the hotel and can be stopped and locked on each floor using a locking mechanism on the back.

I think this LEGO modular hotel would make a great set because I think that when you have a wonderful LEGO city, you should have a place for the tourists to stay. I also think that the hotel would be a very fun build since there's so many fun building techniques used in the build. I hope you like the Hotel and I hope you support the build in hopes of making it a real LEGO set.

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