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The Yacht

Welcome to the yacht of Mr. Wizard. To start a wonderful voyage around the LEGO world. In the month of further, this ship is gonna be your home, your shelter in the storm and of course the paradise of fun. The minifiguers captain is prepare to sail, why don't we take a look on board first.

I have always dreamed to have my own ship, to sail anywhere I want. I made many ships when I was young., and this yacht is a middle-class luxury propeller type from my "fleet". I decided to make it in studio and hoping more people to see my idea.

I think that one of the features of LEGO set is full of details, and this ship was designed with a lot of details. 

First thing first, this ship has wheels, you didn't hear me wrong. It was design to play on table, "sail" on table I mean. Meanwhile, the wheels linked to the V4 piston engine and the propellers, so when you move the ship it works like the engine drives the propellers. 

And beyond that, it has a retractable sun shield on the roof so the minifiguers can enjoy the sunshine. A slide door to enter or exit the second floor. The anchor can also be raised by rotating the crossbar on the ship nose. At the rear section of the ship, a hanger contained a motorboat as well.

The yacht have three easy-remove sections to show details inside. When you remove the third floor, you can see a sink and a stove located on the second floor. A swimming pool is outside, very obvious. When you remove the second floor, two stairs can enter the first floor, one directly to the kitchen and the other to the corridor. The bedroom is at the end of the corridor, the cloakroom is in the bedroom. A private toilet and shower room can be entered from the bedroom.

Beside the seating area is the crew room, allowing 2 crews to sleep, and they have their own toilet as well. Removing the kitchen, you can see the whole engine room. The crew can enter it from the crew room. Tools on the wall allow them to fix the massive V4 engine during the sail.

Hope you like this, have a good day!

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