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Earls Court Residential House


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Inspired by Earl’s Court in London and British architecture overall, this residential town home is designed to be a part of your ever-growing and ever-changing LEGO city. 
The residential home is actually two separate apartments. The building is four floors high; the first three floors, from the bottom and up, serve as the main apartment floors, while the loft serves as a shared laundry room for both apartments. 
Each apartment has a total of six rooms: the entrance, a living room, a kitchen, a bathroom, a hallway and one bedroom. Each room is fully furnished. This residential home has been designed to fit on the far end of your LEGO city.

Additional Information:
- This residential home contains a little over 3,400 bricks. 
- It contains four mini-figures. 
- The dimensions of the building are: 32x32x36.

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