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Free Fall (It Works!!)


The Zero Gravity Ride is now open!

The construction team has been working really hard to update the old Free Fall Ride to higher (!) standards. They came up with the Zero Gravity Ride.

This new Drop Tower is way higher than the old ride and will definitely make your heart stop when you're at the top - but the BIG news of this ride is that the ride is fully functional in micro scale! To get the ride working you must use muscle power. The mechanism is hidden below the tree. In order to get the ride going, you simply turn the cogwheel clockwise. For a demonstration, see the video clip.

It was a big challenge to get the mechanism small enough to fit into my standard base plate, but after a couple of reconstructions I got it to fit.

I have always enjoyed the magic of theme parks and loved the different rides. Now I have combined this pleasure with my passion of LEGO construction in a project.

I have used microscale to reduce the number of bricks needed, and to have a greater challenge in the designing process. It is fun to build different rides with just a small amount of bricks.

All the sets are constructed on 16x16 base plates which you can snap together to create a large Theme Park. The base plates can easily be parted again and reshuffled to create a new park.

I have added a picture with Theme Park units put together, so you can see an example of a Theme Park. All parts have now been posted here so please feel free to support them all!

My earlier parts of the Theme Park:

Octopus ride
Observation Tower (updated)
Viking ship ride
The Dino Explorer Ride
The Flying Carpet Ride
Bumper Cars
River Splash Ride
Free Fall Ride
Haunted House
Samba Balloon Ride,
Princess Disco Ride,
Submarine Ride
Ferris Wheel 
The Golden Globe Ride (spinning)


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