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Medieval Fortress

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This is a medieval fortress that contains 4 towers and 2 main floors, along with a viking long ship. The medieval fortress' front two towers have 3 levels, each of which contain a place for a minifigure to hide or be inside of. One of the back towers consists of an office and storage closet, while the other has a commanders bedroom and planning table. There is a dining room on the back ground level of the fortress, and a sleeping quarters for regular soldiers, a fireplace, chest, and table. The main deck is above the soldiers quarters, and has a cannon, 2 chests, 2 tables, and platforms for minifigures to stand and fight on. There is also 2 removable walls for easy access to play with the set. Last, the front of the set has a horse and lots of trees and shrubs. For the boat, there is one mast and 2 minifigures that can ride the boat. (There are 6 minifigures that protect the fortress). I think this would be a good LEGO set because of the detail in the set.   

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