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Is it a rover or a spaceship? The Blutron vehical splits into both! This cool, two-in-one space vehical is designed to explore a recently discovered planet full of blue chrystals. When the planet's terrain gets rough, the spaceship can seperate and be used to observe what lies ahead. Back on the ground, the rover acts as a command base while one astronaut continues to explore geological formations with his robot pal. Bluetron is ready to launch into the unkown for planetary exploration and discoveries.

I really enjoy building classic space themed creations, and so far Bluetron is one of my most favorite space creations yet. So I thought perhaps other LEGO fans would enjoy it as well. I beleive that this would make a good LEGO set for three reasons: (1). While it's small, it could be more affordable for LEGO fans to purchase, (2). It has several features that help make it playable, (3). It's based off the classic space theme which many LEGO fans have enjoyed.

Thank you all for checking out Bluetron. Feel free to support this project!

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