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The Golden Fleece


This is my idea for the film: Jason and the Argonauts (1963). It mainly depicts the battle with Jason against the Hydra while Medea spectates. I have also included three of the seven skeletons seen very slightly later in the film since they are born with the Hydra's teeth after Jason slays it.

The Golden fleece can be held by a figure and attached to the tree which the seven-headed Hydra guards.

What this set includes:

  • Jason
  • Medea (the hair is printed on in my design)
  • 3X skeletons
  • one brick built Hydra with a double tipped tail and seven heads
  • The Golden Fleece with some gold parts
  • a tree

For the rights you I'm guessing you would need to contact the owners of the film and the Harryhausen Foundation since he produced the model and animated the Hydra

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