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Two Lives. (Normal Life and Simple Life)


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How should we live? To have everything? Or do you live to have one? Do you live for enjoyment? Or will we live with very little enjoyment?
What kind of life would you like to live?
Here are two people with the same area of ​​​​land.
One lives a simple life, another is living a normal life. You must have a lot of things to live a normal life. Things are getting bigger and bigger.
Normal life
A two-story brick building, On the ground floor there is a living room with a reading room and a kitchen.
First, we placed the entrance hall at the entrance. You take off your shoes on the porch and enter the house. There is a shoe compartment at the entrance and a shelf for storing simple items.
On the second floor, there is an office space, a bedroom, and a bathroom.
And there is an attic. It seems that most of the things you need are relatively equipped.
Simple life (restrained life)
It consists of one small house and one toilet/bathroom. All you have in the house is a bed, an electric stove and a desk. The bathroom has a toilet, sink and shower.
He had small supplies. Instead, the yard is spacious. There are plants that bloom in a variety of seasons, and planting vegetables from the garden makes a simple life richer.
The reality of the Earth is that many people do not even enjoy a basic life.

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