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🐭 DISNEY! - Hercules (1997)

Recreate the epic fight scene in Hercules 1997! Hercules becomes trapped within canyon having to fight against a Hydra set forth on him from Haydes and his goons.

  •    Hercules (son of Zues, has incredibly might)
  •    Phil/Philoctetes (a old satyr, trainer of Hercules within the film)
  •    Hades (God of the underworld. He is the enemy within the film)

  • Brick Built Hydra
  • Brick built boulder that Hercules can raise up.

The Hydra's heads can come off and on creating up to a maximum of 3 heads at a time. The hydra spends a good portion at 1 and three heads in the fight scene making sense for this amount.

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