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Modular Museum


A Modular Museum! Just what the modular series needs next!

The ground floor hosts relics from the adventures of the early 20th Century, with discoveries of ancient Egypt. There is a Sarcophagus and a Pharaoh's Death Mask. Also hanging on the wall opposite is a large landscape of a mountain and a small log cabin.

On the first floor, visitors will find a variety of art installations. There are a variety of sculptures, including two whacky modern exhibits, an ancient statuette and a portrait of a rather famous woman...

The top floor plays host to a dinosaur exhibit - on the wall is a poster of a red dinosaur and hanging from the ceiling is a large replicate of a pterodactyl, just showing how awesome these great beasts were!

The roof is simple, with a cooling system tucked behind the very ornate sloped roof.


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