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Helter-Skelter Slide

I hope you enjoy my double revolution Helter-Skelter slide design, using the nautical colours, red, white, dark (navy) blue, and gold. These slides were popular with beach day-trippers in the 19th and 20th century, and can still be found at some seaside beaches and fairs in the UK, e.g. Herne Bay pier, Kent.

This slide uses 16 A-frames which are attached to the 8 vertical Technic rods at every 90 degree turn. The model was built to check that the slope was steep enough, so that a mini-fig would slide from the top to the bottom unaided.

The vertical rods were chosen to provide the strength to hold the weight and allow a staircase to be added for the mini-figs to reach the top or to be displayed on each step. These are probably the only circular Lego staircase design which can fit within the 7 stud circular space available, extend to any brick height, and use individual pieces.

I built this as a circular slide and compact staircase seemed to be missing in all previous commercial sets, and the ability to continue building means even on their own the stairs would look great in any endless castle tower.

In theory, as one revolution is 10cm in height if you purchased around 14 sets this should be around 224 steps to display all your mini-figs and reach your 2.8m ceiling. To stop the top rods moving sideways, attach to a 2nd base plate upside down on the ceiling.

This would make a great Lego set; as looks great being completely different from anything seen before, some fresh ideas for construction and unusual fusion of Technic and system parts allowing easy expansion. Plenty of display and play value, and very addictive to keep sliding the mini-fig from the top to see if they reach the bottom.

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