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Modular Train Station

This is the Modular Train Station!!! The trains enter under and stop under the arch to pick up the passengers. This kinda has designs like the Grand Emporium but are edited a bit. The first floor is the loading and exiting zone. There are 2 doors because the railroad splits the sides, but steps on both sides give access to the rest of the building.Minifigures can walk across the tracks only when there is no train passing.

Here is the first floor. There is an arch that passengers go through to get to the train. At the desk, the lady is holding letters while a man is purchasing tickets. BTW, there are 12 tickets included. And there is a mailbox, lightpost, and train signals.

The second floor has 2 tables with a fountain drink machine, 6 burgers and cups.

There are 5 telephones scattered in the station. 4 on the 3rd floor and 1 on the 1st floor. There is a musician with a trumpet, a worker, and a little train alert and innercom system room.


There are 7 minifigures, 2118 pieces, and 3 floors.

This is a little show of most of the bricks used in the train station. In the corner it says there are 2,118 bricks.



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