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My Custom LEGO Digital Designer Barn Model!


Hi! My name is Alex and I am 13 years old. I love building LEGOs and have been building since I was four years old. I built this barn model on the LEGO Digital Designer, and I am hoping to get 10,000 supporters. Even if I don't get there I am still happy to share my idea with you! If you want to see my full review of this model go to my channel on Youtube called "theATMasterBuilder". This model includes three LEGO minifigures; a mom, a dad, and a little boy. It also includes four horses with removable bricks to make the characters ride the horses, four green apples, four carrots with green stems, two pitchforks, two ladders, eight brown studs (horse manure), 48 clear blue 1 by 1 studs (water for water pump in back of model and little water troughs), removeable hay bales inside and two little mouse traps. There are eight horse stables but only four horses so if you want you can put your animals inside it and the stables have little doors that can move from left to right and makes it easy to get horses in and out. You can remove the tops of the horse stalls to make it playable and you can also easily remove the roof like in the LEGO Ideas set "Old Fishing Store". (If you want to see the pictures more clear from up above, click on them to get a better view!) Again, I am glad to share this idea with you and I hope you have a great day! Thank you!

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