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Modular Building - Hats Shop and Luxury Flat


A modular building. Pieces less the 1.000. First floor: a big hats shop with 2 different locker room (for men and for women), a cash desk and a shop assistant. The second one is a lamp shop with a shop assistant and a lunch corner. There is also the entrance door for the luxury attic flat. Second floor: a anteroom with a telephone, a clothes hangers, the big kitchen with penisula, a big living room with a glass little table, a Led TV,  two sofa and a plant. There are also 3 balconies. Outside there is an ADV of Fireman. Third floor: a big bathroom with shower, a sink and the wc, a bedroom with a big windows, a double bed with 2 nightstands and a wardrobe and a mirror. Outside there is a big terrace with a outdoor table with a film director man. The last is the roof with a air conditioner engine. There is also the alarm to protect the flat from the thieves.


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