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Lego (Sub-Saharan) Africa - Hummer H3, Shops and Apartments.



Catch a glimpse of life in the city centre from your apartment balcony. Pop downstairs to browse the latest electrical goods "Bright Technology" has to offer, grab a coffee, cake or ice-cream while surfing the web at "Africafe," pick up fresh organic fruit or top-up your phone credit at the street corner.

This is the second set in my proposed theme. I am in the process of creating a Lego Sub-Saharan African City theme aimed at expanding the Lego Universe beyond the confines of developed countries to include developing countries. The motivation for this is twofold: to the children living in the West I hope to promote a better understanding of the world through exposure to lifestyles and cultures beyond their usual frame of reference, and by doing so challenge misconceptions, and; to the children living in or connected to Sub-Saharan Africa I hope my sets offer some familiar places and faces to their own Lego play.
I appreciate that currently Lego's policy is to use only yellow minifigures to represent a universal skin type but in the light of shifting popular attitudes and other Lego themes,  such as Star Wars, Friends, Pirates of the Caribbean, Basketball and others, it is my dearest hope that this policy could be updated.
This specific set offers a detailed representation of two apartments housed above an electrical store and café. The apartments feature a water tank and satellite dish on the roof, gas stoves, heavy-duty front doors and window frames, air-conditioners and power backed-up by a petrol generator situated within a secure walled and gated compound. The electrical store stocks computers, coffee-machines, toasters and other goods and the café features a cappuccino machine, ice-box, ice-cream nozzle, chocolates, cookies and cakes for sale. One of the business owners has a brand new blue Hummer H3 with chrome details. 

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