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Tony Hawk Pro Skater Warehouse

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Tony Hawk Pro Skater

The Tony Hawk (or THPS) video game franchise began on August 31st, 1999. The first THPS game developed by Neversoft and published by Activision, brought the excitement and culture of the skateboarding scene into millions of people's homes. The attitude, the energy, the art, and even the music associated with this sport were all represented. With it's easy to understand and action packed gameplay, it even attracted players who had no interest in the sport otherwise. This year, marking it's 20th anniversary, fans still go back and play these games and marvel at how fun and engaging they are to this day.

Tony Hawk

A legendary figure in the world of skateboarding, Tony Hawk is known around the world. He famously became the first skateboarder to perform the 900, one of skateboarding's most technically demanding tricks, at the 1999 X-Games. This was the same year his first video game was also released.

The Warehouse

The very first level of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater is called the Warehouse. As the name suggests it is a warehouse which has been repurposed as a skatepark, with many easily accessible quarter pipes, rails, ramps, obstacles, and a secret room hanging over a large halfpipe. It was the perfect introduction to the game, and is instantly recognizable to anyone who played these games. The Warehouse has even made multiple appearances throughout the series in many forms, including Tony Hawk Underground 2, in which it was doubled in size and used as a training area.

The Build

I wanted to recreate the Warehouse level to celebrate 20 years of this wonderful franchise, which I feel changed my life. It is not a full size playset, but a small display. It fits snugly on a 32 x 32 plate and the walls are cut in so you will be able to see everything at once.I think would be a great way to show your love and nostalgia for such a great video game series, and a legendary extreme sports figure.

Other Features:

  • Ramps and Pipes: While not a full playset, the smooth curves of the ramps are fun to roll a skateboarding minifig down. Just try to keep the ground on their feet with these around!
  • Collect S-K-A-T-E: In the original game, one of the goals was to search the level for the letters spelling skate. Each of those letters has been placed in the diorama as well, approximately where they were in the video game!
  • Smash the Boxes: Another goal from the game was to find the wooden crates around the warehouse and skate through them, smashing the boxes within the time limit. Each box is also represented in this build.
  • Hidden Tape: Each level of the original game had a secret VHS tape that you needed to find. In this set I've placed the secret tape in it's secret location for you to peer in on.
  • The Sign: Fitting nicely in the corner of the set was some extra room. So I decided to fill that space with a THPS sign, mimicking the look of the very first game's logo. The sign also features a place for a minifigure to hold on to and be posed doing a trick!
  • Tony Hawk: The birdman himself as a minifig! The one I made is fairly simple, it would be great to get his likeness on a figure, along with his very own skateboard.

So here I am, doing everything I can to make this set a reality. Try and keep the answer more than maybe, and together we can show our love for such a wonderful piece of video game history, and a skateboarding legend!

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