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Rocko's Archeological Adventure (The Pyramid Tomb)

Join Rocko the Archeologist, Jean-Jacques Pierre Le'Pierre, the gun-slinging Larra, Professor Laine Petroleum, Misko (the doggie), and Rocko's faithful camel: John, - in this legendary and classic adventure, where they will explore the Pyramid Tomb, discover gold and treasure, fight the villainous trouble-makers: Major Winston Fitzwillis, Scruffy McGruffy, and Mr. Donovan Styles, and escape the sleeping Mummy, all in hopes of saving the day!

This is a play set based on the ancient Egyptian pyramids and tombs, and inspired by stories of exploration and adventure, such as The Adventures of Tin Tin, Indiana Jones, Tomb Raider, Uncharted and LEGO Adventurers. I was also inspired by photos of digs in Egypt and my brother's study abroad program. I hope that this build rekindles your imagination. It would make a great play set for building, playing, and minifigure collecting.

The set includes:
1013 Pieces Total
8 Minifigures (From left to right: Rocko, Jean-Jacques Pierre Le'Pierre, Larra, Professor Petroleum, Major Winston Fitzwillis, Scruffy McGruffy, and Mr. Donovan Styles - and The Mummy!)
1 Doggie (Misko)
1 Motorcycle
1 Camel (John)
The Pyramid Tomb
Surrounding Ruins
And tons of fun (and gold)!

Please enjoy this build, and leave comments for suggestions and improvements.

Background Story:
Rocko was a student of archeology at the University of Cairo. One day, while drinking Turkish coffee and enjoying a croissant, he met the brave and adventurous Larra, who had come by a map (which she needed help deciphering). Rocko was able to dig through the university library, and even "borrow" some forbidden books which allowed him to translate the hieroglyphs on Larra's map, and they began their adventure. As they journeyed through the desert with their trusty camel, John, they became good friends and shared many stories about life.

When they approached the Pyramid Tomb, they cautiously ventured inside. There they found Jean-Jacques Pierre Le'Pierre, the famed French renegade and adventurer, explorer and treasure hunter extraordinaire (and one of Larra's many rivals), already approaching the golden treasure chamber. He was accompanied by Professor Laine Petroleum, of the Big British Oil Company, himself in possession of a map very similar to Larra's. How did he come by this map? What was at play here? What was about to happen?

Suddenly, they heard the sound of a loud motorcycle coming from outside, and the voices of some serious trouble-makers. Major Winston Fitzwillis (formerly of the British Expeditionary Forces), Scruffy McGruffy - the fastest gunslinger in the west - and their wealthy (and devious) benefactor, Mr. Donovan Styles (whose plans were always unknown to everyone - sometimes even himself.) The tension rose. What would happen now? Surly, this was enough adrenaline pounding adventure for one day...

And then, the glistening, golden sarcophagus hidden in the Pyramid's treasure room began to open... 

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