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LEGO: Marvel Super Heroes - Iron Man - Mark 38 Igor Armor

Hello guys, Billy here, AGAIN with yet another custom LEGO minifigure/set and today it is the Hulk Buster Armor, (Igor suit) Mark 38 from Iron Man 3. I think this is probably the best custom minifigure/set that I've made (because Finn and Luke haven't made any).

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As you can see here, the legs and arms are completely pose-able. Also here you can sort of get a good look at the LEGO pieces I used.

Here is a behind view of my custom Hulk Buster Armor (Igor suit).

As you can see here the head/helmet is completely custom but if this does become a real set, could LEGO please use a normal Iron Man helmet but just make the colours blue and grey, not red and yellow, that would be much appreciated.