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Blue Coats Sea Watch Tower

Imperial Soldiers are waiting for you!
Join to the Blue Coats and go to Sea Watch Tower. Guard the treasure and watch the sea.
This set refers to the unique atmosphere of classic sets. 

The most important features:
  • governor and soldiers minifigures,
  • crystalic Water,
  • rocky shore,
  • tower with a balcony,
  • decorated window frames,
  • beautiful plants and palms,
  • ruins of defensive walls with a cannon,
  • boat with chest,
  • aunique parrot, crab and fish,
  • fire,
  • treasure,
  • stairs to the first floor and ladder to the balcony,
  • operating room with equipment.
  • many golden details.

This set is perfect for everyone. The set has many fun options and many of details and accessories. Adults and children will love it!

Support the project and see for yourself!

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