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Historical Modular House


This is a model inspired by castle-like houses of Europe: the use of arched windows and doors is a typical feature of this kind of structures. A classic house present in small towns restored and adapted for the life of our days, the new and the old joined to create something different.

The house is composed of three main parts:

  • ground floor: the sidewalk is designed with regular geometry, with centered manholes. The house has a small garage with two vehicles: a bike and a motorbike suitable for roads of historical centers; tools to repair them are also present. The small front courtyard has a flowerpot as all historical buildings, instead the backyard has untidy plants growing randomly.
  • first floor: it consists in a small office with a '90s computer and other stuff as a desk lamp and a trunk.
  • roof and terrace: a table and two chairs surrounded by flower complete the top of the building adding something new on the old building.

The three of the four minifigures are the inhabitants of the house and the last minifigure is the neighborhood policeman.

The set is only 1396 pieces so it may be cheaper, it is also compatible with the other modular houses produced so far. The small building will give a nice touch of history to your modular street.

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