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Marvels X-Men - Sentinel Incursion

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This is a set based on the Marvel comics publications of the X-Men. It will tie in with the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes theme which is already released, but will include new characters. This set shows the X-Men Cyclops and Storm battling a huge mutant hunting Sentinel with one of their many arch nemesis', Mystique.

The Sentinel is built out of Bionicle/Hero Factory/Ultrabuild parts from current LEGO themes. The armour is similar to Lex Luthors Kryptonite-powered armour from the DC Super Heroes theme, but it is coloured Earth Blue and Bright Reddish Violet (as mentioned on LDD). The Sentinel also features flick-fire missiles, a turning head and a poseable body.

I apologise as I have no pictures for my characters, but I will try t get some A.S.A.P. As you may be able to see from the box, Cyclops has his visor, Mystique has a gun (like the ones from Alien Conquest), and Storm has an changeable face (one with normal eyes, the other one with glowing white eyes).

If you would like to see more X-Men or Marvel sets, put a comment or vote for me so I will make more creations. Also, look at my Disney and Smurf sets!

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