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Secret Base Assault



The Lego Secret Base Assault is perfect for builders who want a creative and action-packed set.

The main feature of the set is a secret laboratory equipped to make potions and weapons.  The set also features 4 mini figures who live and work in the secret laboratory.  Their mission is to create new and unique weapons to defeat any enemy.  Also included are 2 flying ships used to test air weapons and aid in an escape when necessary.

The Secret Base Assault team specializes in making unique weapons and potions.  Included in the set are several new weapons including the fire sword, lava gun, mega blaster, staff of doom and the mighty spear.  The Secret Base laboratory also features several traps to ward off any enemies who may come upon it.

Because of all of the weapon options included with this set, builders have the option to mix and match the features to create many different types of weapons.

I built this set because I liked the idea of a secret, hidden base that the heroes need to protect.  I also like that it has so many different options to use your creativity.



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