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Classic Space Mech

I have always loved LEGO Classic Space and building mechs out of LEGO, so I decided to combine the two.

The mech itself is inspired by the Classic LEGO Space theme from 1978-1987. The mech itself is based off of the blue spaceman from the theme. The mech can fit a crew of up to four members. The cockpit can be revealed to show a detailed interior filled with tools computers and even a little robot below the piloting chair! On the back is a smaller mech in between two oxygen tanks which can be detached. The model is highly posable making it a fun play experience for kids and an outstanding display piece for older fans. I have also hidden a little “Easter egg” inside its head ;)

I believe this would make a great LEGO set because it combines the nostalgia of LEGO Classic Space and the complexity of modern LEGO in a manner that has never been done before. It is also a fun build experience for everyone regardless of age.

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