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La Festa

Welcome to my latest project, La Festa!

This set was inspired by the South American street carnavals and parties, the so called Festas. I built this set because I have been to that region few times, and really liked  the atmosphere of the street parties, the music and the crowd.
The set contains a Cafe and a part of a house (bathroom) above. Besides the Cafe, there is a palm tree and a small square filled by dancing couples and the dj with his equipment.

The Cafe
The building is made in colonial style and paint to green, yellow, white and dark blue. It has two floors, the ground level is the Cafe itself with a cash-mashine, an old phone, a watch, a refrigerator, a coffee machine, coffee grinder, a sink, a TV and a ceiling fan. Outside the Cafe, there is a scooter locker with a scooter, a poster, air-conditioner, the street signs, two counters with bar stools, a lamp, and a flower stand.
Above the Cafe, there is a bathroom with a big bath tub, a drain, a mirror, a flower, and a wooden chair and window blinds. All window has flower stands as well.

The Fountain, the square and the Dj
It is a small square all paved by cobble stones. It contains a drain too. The fountain has carvings, small statues and the water. The rope with the colorful flags on the fountain is characteristic in South America.
The square is filled with dancing people, age is not as issue at these Festas, everybody is welcomed to the dancefloor.
The latin grooves are provided by the Dj, who has his vinyls and mixer on a table between the tree and the fountain. The mixer is connected to the big speaker besides the palm.

I hope you would also build this set!
Please support the project if you like my work!
Thank you!

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