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When you need a smash and hammer cyber dinosaur, you want PACHYROX!

This set is inspired by the Pachycephalosaur dinosaur in a mining mech form. The colour yellow was chose for the traditional construction mining link. Of course, this mech can switch from mining to demolition in a flash!

This roughneck mech has three methods to smash the rocks and take on the job. 

Pieces: approx 453 


1 X SuperSmash chest hammer 

2 X articulating arms and hands for handling big stuff.

1 X  titanore forged tail hammer for the big rocks.

1 X Rough and tough Driver.

2 X side-mounted pressure dampers 

1 X articulating "Headpound" helmet made from titanore.

(the purple cyber dino is not included - it's another set I am making)


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