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The other Lego Portal MOC builds

Long time no see!
Here's a short update just to show the other Lego Portal builds I've done :D!


Update log #2 : Halfway to 1000!

We're so near to 1000 supporters! I am greatfully thankful for all this support

I have sneakpeeks of new ideas i have for this project
and here they are!
Sneakpeek 1:
Sneakpeek 2:
Can you guess who they are?

I might change the title into Portal 2 LEGO sets someday soon.


Update log #1 : 100 supporter milestone!

Thank You for supporting the GLaDOS LEGO model so far
and I Thank you for the 100 supporter milestone! It's currently 415 supporters right now and let's keep it up!

I had recent updates to the build:
  • replaced certain lego pieces for better connectivity
  • replace the eye color from orange to yellow
I'll also update the 3D model showcase soon!

and I also had the time to build the lower half of the GLaDOS build, it's still unfinished but here she is!

Yellow Eye!

And a minifig for scale just to let you all know how big the head of GLaDOS would be:

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