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1:12 Model of a RHS MCT5 Digestate Drying machine


This model is a replica of a RHS MCT 5 drying system (1:12 scale). It is used to dry digestate preferably at a biogas plant.

The model consists of 12,000 Lego parts + a custom-made plastic auger. It is equipped with 3 motors (power function)

Also seen in the picture is the Lego Technic Telehandler 8295 which is just assist in the maintenance of the five filter sections.

The fermentation residue drying is a patented machine those made from "RHS Maschinen- u. Anlagenbau GmbH".

Description (Model + Real Machine):

Air flows through the outside mounted grey box powered by one following radial blower. Then the air is pushed through the red heat exchanger. In this case, it is heated to about 80 °C and passed under the drying chamber. Due to the special sieve bottom, this air is now forced through the Trocknunggut in the tub and thus has the water deprived. The digestate in the tub is continuously stirred with the double agitator system. The humid air then passes through the filter unit. It is purified and then to be directed centrally in the exhaust pipe to the outside at the clean area.

The white cabinet is the battery box, contains 2 switches and indicator lights. As with the original system, the model starts from the control cabinet. One lamp indicates the power on and the 2nd reports the operating state.

The two waves are synchronized with 8 gears. 2 gearmotors are driving these waves. The discharge snail is also supplied by a gear motor.

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