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Auntie Anne's Pretzel Shop


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Here is the story of how this project came into being:

On May 30th, this Tuesday, my father took me to the mall to find himself a new pair of jeans. When we were done shopping, he offered to take me anywhere else while we were at the mall. I was craving an Auntie Anne's pretzel, so we went there to go get one. As I was eating the deluctable, buttery pretzel, I was thinking of building my own replica of an Auntie Anne's pretzel shop out of Lego bricks. That lead me to building out my idea the night I enjoyed the delcious treat.

Now it is July 2nd, the night that I finally make the ​Lego Auntie Anne's pretzel shop ​Lego Ideas Project! ​Without a-further-a-do, I shall give you more details about this project:

  • This project is 289 pieces.
  • The roof can be lifted up to reveal the interior.
  • Inside the building is an oven with a timer, a rolling-pin station, and a stand with food that is ready to be sold.
  • There are five minifigures: an employee, a man, a woman, a boy, and a girl.
  • The printed pieces include a pretzel menu, a pretzel-dog menu, a sign with the word "Auntie," and another that says "Anne's."

I hope you liked viewing this project! Let me know if there is something that needs work. If you have any questions, feel free to drop by and ask. ​Good night, everyone! ​(By cheesy. 6/2/2017)

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