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Clock Tower Village

Welcome to “Clock Tower village

This is a medieval diorama with a lot of surprises!

When you arrive you can see the beautiful fountain on your left, and you can choose the way to go. If you go straight, you can enter the Tavern Inn. If you have arrived riding your horse, you can leave him in the stable near the structure. Inside the tavern, you can eat and drink whatever you want. If you want to eat a tasty chicken, you can go up to the second floor, sit down and relax with your big meal.
Maybe you don’t need refreshment. Maybe you want a portrait of your wife. So you can enter to artist’s workshop. He is sculpting a statue, but you can order your portraits. The artist, on a beautiful day, will go up on the roof where he loves painting, looking at the landscape. When he is tired, he can go to sleep in his bed in the second floor.
But if you have to go pass through the village, you will pass under the big Clock Tower. Here two soldiers are to assure the safety of the village.

Do you want to come to this village? We are waiting for you!

Technic info: Baseplate 32 x 32. Four structures and seven minifigures. About 2,000 pieces.
- Fountain
- Stable
- Tavern Inn with two floors
- Artist’s workshop, artist’s house is the second floor. On the roof, there’s the place where he paints.
- Clock Tower with porch, armory inside the tower, and two towers, one on the ruined wall and one on the top.

Come on, castle theme needs to come back on our shelves!

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