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Percy Jackson: Capture the Flag

Percy Jackson’s impact on children's literature is undeniable. With the new TV show airing to critical acclaim, what better time to get a Percy Jackson set.
This pitch depicts the capture the flag scene from the first book, The Lightning Thief. It’s a pivotal scene which shows us action at Camp Half-Blood. It sets up Annabeth’s intelligence. It sets up Percy’s rivalry with Clarisse. Furthermore, it’s the scene in which the reader learns of Percy’s godly heritage. The set, of course, has place to show all of these scenes.
The terrain includes unique rock work technique, swooping trees, and the muddy ground. The water towards the front of the build is the water Percy gets pushed into. The rock in the middle, surrounded by trees, is the rock Percy lays on before being attacked by Clarisse. I couldn’t forget including the gecko Percy pets in the TV show.
Safety first! Stands of armor and helmets are included to make sure the demigods are safe during the games. Choose your weapons! Pick from an array of swords and spears to fight off your opponents. And finally, capture the flag. Included are two the red and blue camp half-blood flags.
As for mini figures we have 5: Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase, Luke Castellan, Clarisse LaRue, and an unnamed Red Team Camper. All the mini figures wear capture the flag armor over their orange t-shirts. They all come with all new prints for their torso, heads, and even arms. Percy comes with his sword, Riptide. Annabeth comes with her dagger. Luke comes with his sword backbiter and a satchel. Clarisse comes with her spear, gifted to her by Ares. And the red team camper comes with a crossbow. All the minfigure’s appearances are based on their descriptions in the books.
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