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Gumshoe & Gangsters


Gumshoe & Gangsters

The Gumshoe and plucky reporter are at the scene of a bank heist! The notorious Gangsters are trying to make a quick getaway with their ill-gotten gains, but they'll soon find themselves behind bars - with their mugshots in the paper! This set is based on iconic tropes of the era and fiction thereof and would appeal to all ages.

A small set with classic 1930s style car, 2 villains, a Private Detective and a reporter plus a small number of accessories. The car is made to smaller scale than actual with stylized design for easier construction and smaller piece count. Piece count is approx 100 including minifigures. Ideally the reporter would have a long red jacket and period appropriate camera, gangsters would have pinstripe suits and the gumshoe would have a closer approximation of a macintosh style coat to more closely fit the clichés of the setting.

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