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Single Person Container House

Look at Mr. Jones... In his fancy container house.

Hello, everyone! Today I'm bringing you this little idea, a house made out of a container.

About the Idea:

The main object here is obviously the house itself. The most notable feature being that it's a container. Inside the container house is a bed, a TV, a small kitchen, a table, two chairs and two lamps. One of the sides of the container is covered in glass windows to observe the world passing by. On rear, a small AC unit can be seen. The roof also has a satellite dish on it. I should also note that the roof of the house is easily removed, for interior accessibility purposes. The container is surrounded by a garden base, which it can be removed from if desired.

Other props and things come along-side the container house. The first I'll note is the pond, which both a bird and a frog reside in. There's also a bird bath (or fountain) for the bird. The idea also comes with a small electric car and car charger. Lastly, there's a Minifigure and his pet cat.

The part number is somewhere just under 400. (I calculated 395, but it may not be 100% accurate.)

Why I Think this Would Make a Good Set:

I believe this would make for a very nice gift set. It would fit nicely into any scenario, whether it be on a shelf of a collector, in a big city setup, or a kids play room. With all of the little extras, like the car and pond, much more play-ability is added. The low amount of parts would also make it a very affordable set, allowing a lot of people to be able to purchase it. And, there's a Lego cat. Who doesn't love the Lego cat?

Other Notes:

This is my first proper Lego Ideas submission (the food truck was more of a test) and I've been refining it for a while. I would have posted it sooner, but honestly, finding time can be tricky, especially with work and my other hobbies. Plus, the rendering of pictures takes forever for me. I have more ideas in the works, but, like I said, finding time is tricky for me.

I do hope you really like this idea. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments, I'm always happy to hear what you think.


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