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Auto-Carrier Wagon


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The tracks shown in the main image are NOT included with this project.

Hello, everyone! Tonight I am going to present to you all a MOC that I just built. This is my Auto-carrier Wagon.

The Auto-carrier Wagon is 337 pieces. This set includes two cars, a minifigure, and an auto-carrier wagon. The train car itself features ladders on the sides for the included minifigure, side railings, a break wheel, and notches to put the cars into place.

There are not really any features on the cars, except that there are opening doors on them. These cars are both the same exact build, but in different colors.

The only problem with this MOC is getting the cars out by using a play feature. How would I do that? Maybe, I'll build a crane that has the ability to get the cars out of the wagon.

Thank you for viewing this project, everyone. If you have any suggestions for future projects, or suggestions on what I could to better with this project, please let me know in the comments section. Have a good day, everyone! By cheesy. 4/29/2018

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