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LEGO Seinfeld


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It's a set about nothing!


Recreate Jerry's iconic New York aparment in LEGO with my proposed LEGO Ideas Seinfeld set!

Seinfeld is one of the most popular TV shows of all time, and my personal favorite without question.  I've been a lifelong fan of the show as well as LEGO, so I thought I'd combine the two!

My highly detailed recreation of aparment 5A features just shy of 600 pieces (598) and includes minifigures for the whole gang.  The current model clocks in at 58 studs wide, 23 long, and 11 high.  It weight 1.5lbs.  Your support would mean the world to me, and I will gladly share updates and listen to any voter input!  So let's make this thing happen!


*Sorry if any of the colors are off.  I'm colorblind. Also, I basically just picked the art pieces at random because there wasn't anything in that looked like Jerry's wall art.

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