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Modern Country Mansion

My Background:
This is my Modern Country Lego Mansion. This creation is my first submission as a lego idea. I was inspired to create a Country Lego Mansion specifically because I really enjoy architecture, and I honestly love country style homes the most. I used all the lego elements I already own to create this home to the best of my ability. I worked hard to give my creation character, detail, color contrast, uniqueness, easy-access, storyline, and most of all putting myself in perspective of the lego mini figures to create something I would want to live in.

Creation Description:
This house is a two-story, two bedroom, one bathroom house with lots of lounging space similar to most modern homes now. I added decorations like horns, cowboy hats, and wagon wheels to give a the home an obvious country look. Also, I added a wedge for the garage door, beds that can be slept inside by the mini figures, removable ceilings and walls for easy-access to any of the rooms, working coat-hanger for clothes, and many other accessories that add small detail to the enormous house.

Mini Figures Story:
The Adam family (including Travis, Barbara, Jolene, and Hank) go on a family vacation to their dream home to the country. They have a blast and go dirt-biking, four-wheeling, gaming, eating, lounging in their dream paradise. This is simply just a happy beginning and ending story that lasts however long you want them to. I hope you like this creation and hopefully you will be experience the dream too if this becomes an actual set. Thanks a lot!

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