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Legend Racing Seaplane : Supermarine S.6B


A fabulous racing seaplane at scale 1/20 : the Supermarine S.6B

This British seaplane Supermarine S.6B has been developed to take part to Schneider Trophy competition of year 1931. This plane has been designed and developed for the Supermarine Company by aeronautical engineer R.J. MITCHELL. The S.6B was the last of a line of racing seaplane marking the culmination of the design and the aerodynamic technology for this era.

x Number built : 2 (model which won Schneider Cup is exposed at the London Science Museum)

x Powerplant : Rolls-Royce R / V12 liquid-cooled piston engine  with 2350 hp at 3200 rpm

x Maximum speed : 655.8 km/h / World Speed Record

Scale 1/20

Length of current model : 45.6 cm / Width : 46.4 cm / Height : 18.4 cm

Number of parts : 1666

Functionnalities included :

x V12 LEGO engine as Rolls-Royce original engine (may be driven by PF/M Motor)

x All wings are moveable (particularly difficult for the rudder to maintain original modeling & colours)

x 2 blade propeller and elliptical wing design

x 5 original colours : Sea Blue, Aluminium, Black, White and Red

I decided to built this plane because S.6B is representative of aeronautic technology in years 1920/1930. Engine power and plane speed have increased a lot in only few years. The design of S.6B is pure and very aerodynamic and this plane has permitted to win Schneider Trophy Cup.

Cause to its design very aerodynamic and the fact that seaplane are not represented very often, I want to present it as a LEGO set (that's why I try to put same colours, same scale and wings moveable).

I hope you will appreciate my model. Thank you for advance for your votes, all comments would be wellcomed. You can also see other projects on my facebook page (while asking me to be my friend) :

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