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Classic Mobile Off Grid Space Diner


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Welcome to the new "Off The Grid Mobile Space Diner".

The diner offers a wide selection of options to dine. If you want to dine indoors, you have the choice of either to eat at one of three booths or one of three stools at the bar. If you'd rather dine-out you can go through the drive-thru where you can order at the menu screen. Then proceed to window one (which is the only window LOL).

The diner is equipped with a full interior, eight thrusters, so it can go anywhere to serve food, a satellite to communicate to earth, a holographic "DINER" sign, a parking guide, and solar panels to make this diner off the grid,

I originally made this for the "90TH ANNIVERSARY: SPACE CELEBRATIONS" contest. But then I got fiddling with the model and upgraded it a ton.

The interior contains three booths (mostly inspired by the "Downtown Diner" 10260), a bar with three stools, a fully tiled floor, a four burner stove to cook on, a security camera, and a drive-thru window. On the outside there is an oversized satellite dish, solar panels with a control board, the holographic "DINER" sign, lamp post, drive through menu, and a parking guide.

Also included are...
Five classic space minifigures, three red, one pink, one blue, two white, and one yellow.
Two C-13 Eagles, and one C-20 Falcon.

I had so much fun building this. I hope you enjoyed this build as much as I had making it.

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